How it Works

BZEdge is a fully decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain empowering users with privacy and unlimited features.

BZShares is BZEdge sharing revenue

BZShares: a more secure and powerful blockchain using latest technologies

This was the first step to extend BZEdge's blockchain capabilities:

  • Revenue distribution with Masternode owners

  • A network of decentralized peers with improved resources

  • A reliable back-bone for the level of decentralization we want to achieve

  • Trusted peers that can handle various tasks

Improved Features

BZEdge ecosystem is aiming to provide various blockchain and cross-chain tools to improve the usability of all crypto currencies

bzedge Safe & Secure
Secure & Private

The most important feature of a blockchain is security and privacy. BZEdge provides both of them at a glance by using cutting edge technologies.


Every Masternode owner is sharing his resources with the network thus he's a "BZSharer". The tools we're developing will reward them in any way possible. Supporters are the second most important thing for BZEdge after security.

decentralized blockchain
Fully Decentralized

Everything about BZEdge is decentralized! Our resources, our chain and our applications are decentralized and can be used and improved by anyone. Empowering users to achieve higher goals and gain access to unlimited features.

BZEdge wallets
Secure Wallets

We established partnerships with some of the best multi-currency projects to support BZEdge. Having more crypto currencies available at just one click away it's far better than having your investments scattered across multiple wallets with several login or recovery methods.

low cost blockchain
Low Cost

Transactions are cheap, secure and fast. BZEdge is one of the cheapest blockchains that provides fast transactions and unbreakable privacy. We believe in privacy and the right to use technologies for all social categories. Freedom is the 3rd important thing we focus on.

Several Profit
DeFi & DApps

Decentralization is a must! BZEdge provides a healthy blockchain to develop DApps and deploy smart contracts. The ecosystem will enjoy a major upgrade in 2021 that will enable Tokens and decentralized applications deployment.

The Development Pipeline

BZEdge ecosystem development and future upgrades. Drag and move the roadmap to left/right.


Currently the block reward is distributed to PoW miners and Masternodes. The miner/miners/mining pool that finds the next block get the PoW reward. Masternodes are rewarded depending on their rank on the network. The rank is calculated by using Masternode age since the last reward.

  • 65% Mining
  • 35% Masternodes

BZEdge Specs

The incredible power of Blockchain and Decentralized Applications patched in one project and brought closer to the community.

  • Name: BZEdge

  • Ticker: BZE

  • Algorithm: ZHash(equihash 144,5)

  • Total supply: 3,000,000,000

  • Block time: 1 minute

  • Privacy: zk-snarks


Masternode requirements

Masternodes can be set by anyone and they provide a set of resources to the network. Once the requirements are met the owner will be eligible to receive rewards when his turn comes.

  • 250,000 BZE Collateral

  • 1 CPU (2 CPU Recommended)

  • 1 GB RAM (1.5 GB Recommended)

  • 20 GB HDD (SSD Recommended)

  • Dedicated IP (IPv4 Recommended)

  • 2 GB Swap


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Frequently Asked questions

Do you have any question regarding BZE? You can contact us at any time, but maybe you can have a look at the FAQs below first.

Why should I use BZE?

The world of crypto is huge and there are numerous projects out there that deserve to be mentioned, but BZEdge is not aiming to compete with any of them but rather build bridges between communities so user can enjoy a flawless experience when using crypto.

Is BZEdge still under development?

Even thought we encountered obstacles or bad actors that tried to stop us from growing we're still developing our project and the entire ecosystem.

What are your future plans?

Year 2021 is a game changer for crypto and it came with a lot of possibilities and opportunities. We're building on top of that and we aim to provide businesses and end users better tools & services to enter the crypto world.

Why DApps?

Decentralized Applications - or better known as DApps - are something the world can not live without. We are going to enable Smart Contracts deployment in order to widen the development of awesome tools.

What hardware is needed to mine BZEdge?

Every new block generates new coins until mining finishes, and that will happen in a few years. Block rewards are distributed to Masternodes and Miners. BZEdge can be mined with one or more GPU but Masternodes are rewarded too. Both options are part of our reward system and both can be used by any user.

What pools are available?

You can find on MiningPoolStats a list of pools that support BZEdge. Pick one from the list that has lower mining power in order to keep the hashing power decentralized.

What are the requirements for a MN?

First of all you need a collateral of 250,000 BZE and a VPS for each Masternode you plan to host. System requirements and more details can be found here.

How much is the block reward?

Each block mined generates revenue for the miner that found it and the next MN in line to receive the reward. Block reward distribution can be found here.

What exchanges support BZEdge?

BZE is listed for trading on reliable exchanges and we promote only those that deserve to be promoted. We trust only reliable partners and we share them with our community. A list of exchanges can be found in the top bar under "Exchanges".

What wallet should I use?

BZEdge can be used with either native wallets or 3rd party ones. You can pick any of them that suits your needs. If you want a fully decentralized wallet you can go for a native one. If you interact with multiple coins then a 3rd party suits you. Mobile wallet? No problem! See the available wallets here.


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