BeeZee ecosystem provides unlimited features for end-users and organizations

PoS Secured blockchain
PoS Secured

Validators provide network security and ensure fast transactions. Each validator has the right to mint blocks in exchange of the rewards. Misbehaving validators have their funds slashed and eventually banned from the network.

Fair rewards distribution
Fair distribution

Block rewards are distributed to the entire network of validators keeping a fair distribution even for less powerful validators. Users that can not host a validator have the right to delegate their stake to the validator they trust and get their share of the rewards.

decentralized blockchain governed by the stakers
Governed by stakers

Major network changes are in your hands! Get involved and make sure you vote for what you want and what you believe in or let the validator vote for you. The more BZE you stake the more voting power you have.

BeeZee wallets
Flexible inflation

The rewarding mechanism will adjust to further incentivize or disincentivize BZE staking. The inflation rate will slowly drop to a minimum target when too many coins are staked, and will slowly increase when there are not enough staked coins. On-chain services that require a fee to be used will burn coins.

low cost blockchain
EVM Smart Contracts

BZE will allow Smart Contract deployment and enable all Web3 tools on its native blockchain. Developers will be able to build DApps and DeFi projects at a low cost and with lightning fast transactions by using all the tools they're already familiar with from Ethereum.

Several Profit
Trade on any chain

Users will be able to transfer their funds from BZE native chain to ETH and BSC. A token version of the coin will be available for transfer and trading on all major networks. Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) with Cosmos Hub will be available soon.

2022's Development pipeline

Our plans for 2022, but we are not limited to this list. Each item is or will be explained in a Medium post.

BZEdge v4 Specs

The incredible power of Blockchain and Decentralized Applications patched in one project and brought closer to the community.

  • Name: BZEdge

  • Ticker: BZE

  • Algorithm: ZHash(equihash 144,5)

  • Total supply: 3,000,000,000

  • Block time: 1 minute

  • Privacy: zk-snarks

v5 coming

Masternode requirements

Masternodes can be set by anyone and they provide a set of resources to the network. Once the requirements are met the owner will be eligible to receive rewards when his turn comes.

  • 250,000 BZE Collateral

  • 1 CPU (2 CPU Recommended)

  • 1 GB RAM (1.5 GB Recommended)

  • 20 GB HDD (SSD Recommended)

  • Dedicated IP (IPv4 Recommended)

  • 2 GB Swap

BeeZee V5 Specs

The improved version of BZE will bring new features

  • Name: BeeZee

  • Ticker: BZE

  • Consensus: Proof of Stake with Validators

  • Block time: 6 seconds

  • Governance: On-chain

  • Smile: Treasure Hunt activities


Validator requirements

Hosting validators is a full-time job. We recommend you hire a professional or pick an already existing validator from the network that you can trust. Be careful: validators can be penalized if they misbehave or try to break consensus.

  • 4 CPU

  • 8 GB RAM

  • 100 GB HDD (SSD Recommended)

  • Dedicated IP (IPv4 Recommended)

  • If you seek to become a validator you should study security

  • Recommended setup: redundant power, networking, firewalls, hardware security modules (HSM), and servers.

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