BZEdge presents BZShares system

For the people!

BZShares is an online project management platform designed to facilitate the development of BZEdge with the potential to reward individuals for their effort. Put simply, users will secure their membership in projects by pledging BZE and can later receive compensation if the project supports it.

Estimated release: April, 2019 Working on: Preparing projects.

BZGate payment gateway system by BZEdge

Payments made easy!

BZGate is a payment gateway allowing individuals and businesses to accept BZE as payment for goods and services. Transaction fees are distributed to individuals through the BZShares program.

Estimated release: Q2, 2019 Working on: TradeBin final setup

TradeBin cryptocurrency exchange partners with BZEdge coin

TradeBin our partners! is a yet to be launched exchange platform that aims to become one of the best. Behind the name there’s a dedicated team that likes BZE and wants BZEdge to be their utility coin of the platform.

The partnership between our community and them consists on the following:

1. They will use a private version of BZGate as their main wallets. This is the reason BZGate was delayed, because we had to build the wallet version that it’s complying their needs.

2. BZEdge will be a main pair, near BTC and 1 or 2 other coins

3. Their referral system returns 20% of the referral fees to the users, but with BZEdge users will be able to increase the percent up to 40%.

4. Listing fees will be paid in BZEdge. But I must say they will not focus on listing coins and getting listing fees, their main focus is user experience improvements and, most important, SECURITY.

5. BZEdge pairs will have lower fees than any other pair.

6. Special yearly support and development on their side that would allow us to integrate our systems with theirs in order to create better software, better tools, better ecosystem.

Launch: Q2, 2019 Status: Testing & Release preparation

More wallets!

From the start, we have desired to see BZEdge integrated into reliable 3rd party wallets. This has been achieved and there are now wallets for all available platforms. Please try SnowGem's ModernWallet for Desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) or ZelCore for both Desktop and Mobile.

Special thanks to SnowGem and ZelCash for making this happen.

Available NOW Status: Available on all platforms


BZWork connects individuals and employers. Find work as a freelancer, seek traditional employment, or recruit for your company all within our online platform.

Estimated release: Q2, 2019 Status: Queued to be started.


The Sapling Protocol will be implemented on the BZEdge blockchain in alignment with our vision to provide cutting edge technology to our users. Among other features, Sapling increases privacy, lowers transaction fees, and increases network transaction speed.

Estimated switch: 16th March, 2019 Status: Available


BZEscrow is a web-based platform designed to facilitate over-the-counter transactions between two parties. Like BZGate, transaction fees are distributed to individuals through the BZShares program.

Estimated release: Q2, 2019 Status: Project technical details


BZVault utilizes the immutability and security of distributed ledger technology to provide users with a lightweight application to store sensitive information directly on the blockchain.

Estimated release: Q2, 2019 Status: Preparing road map and development plan